Perron Rigot Waxing

Perron Rigot waxing products are used both for warm and hot wax as this is a French brand of superior quality.

  • Full Leg and Bikini £38

    Bikini line to toes

  • Full Leg £32

    Top of leg to toes

  • ¾ Leg £24

    Mid thigh to toes

  • ½ Leg  £20

    Top of knee to toes

  • Bikini £16

    Bikini line and crease of leg

  • Full Arm £20

    Shoulder to fingers

  • ½ Arm £15

    Elbow to fingers

  • Under Arm £12

  • Upper Lip £7

  • Chin £8

  • Nostril £8

  • Half Body Wax £41

    Half leg wax, 1/2 arm wax and under arm wax

  • Full Body Wax £79

    Full leg wax, full arm wax, underarm wax and Hollywood.

Extreme Intimate Waxing

Hot wax is used for all intimate waxing as it causes less discomfort to you. I have a license to carry out Extreme Intimate Waxing from the The Wax Queen Kim Lawless, so rest assured you are in safe hands.

  • The Hollywood £35

    All off

  • The Brazilian £35

    Leaves a little strip

  • The G String £20

    Extended bikini

  • The Egyptian £30

    Butt crack and buttocks